Hi, I'm Cloud

I'm a Software Engineer for the EA Frostbite game engine.

Hockey News


The latest news from the NHL in one touch. Stay up to date with your favorite hockey team. Get the scoop during the season, in the playoffs, and the offseason. Trade rumors, injury reports, game previews and results. Your one stop for what matters in the hockey world. Weekend hack project to learn the Android Java SDK.

Java Android



With Adrien Bousseau, Alla Sheffer, Karan Singh

SIGGRAPH 2012 technical paper. Creation of 3D-looking shaded production drawings from concept sketches. We use artist-drawn cross-section lines to automatically infer surface information across the sketch, enabling 3D-like rendering.


Realtime Mesh-To-Mesh Deformation


Detailed, per-point mesh-on-mesh collision and deformation at interactive frame rates. Implemented in Pixar's Presto animation software during an internship at Pixar.




Online storefront for Silver Gallery selling Canadian and American native art ranging from clever, affordable jewelry pieces to elaborate artwork worth thousands of dollars.

Python Django CSS JS

UBC Campus Flythrough


A short 3D demo produced using a self-written pipeline created for my first computer graphics course. Defined a file format for 3D models and imported building models created by classmates. Created a fully scriptable kinematic camera motion system. Rendered using a basic OpenGL fixed-function-pipeline renderer written in C++.

C++ OpenGL

Electronic Arts

June 2013 - Present

Software Engineer, Frostbite Animation and Cinematics

Develop new, state of the art procedural animation controllers for EA's Frostbite and Ignite game engines. Create animation authoring tools that empower artists to create fast, sophisticated data-driven character movement and interaction for games like Battlefield, Mass Effect, FIFA and Madden.

C++ C# Consoles WPF

Pixar Animation Studios

July - December 2012

Software Engineer Intern, Presto

Accelerated real-time methods for mesh-to-mesh collisions by 2-5 times while providing more visual control for rig artists. Implemented a mesh face aggregation API for unified surface-based rigging.

C++ Python Qt Presto

University of Toronto

June 2013

Master of Science, Computer Science - Graphics

Conducted research on 2D to 3D estimation methods and sketch based interfaces for production design tools. Advised by Karan Singh.

Awarded the Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship ($17,500)

University of British Columbia

May 2011

Bachelor of Applied Science, Computer Engineering

With 20 months of Software Engineering internship experience at Microsoft, EA, and AppNeta through the UBC Co-op program.

I am a software engineer in Vancouver, Canada. I have a M.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Toronto and a B.A.Sc. in Computer Engineering from the University of British Columbia. Currently I’m an Animation Software Engineer at EA, and I’ve previously been an intern at Microsoft and Pixar.

My personal, professional and research interests blend together and include hockey, skiing, video games, graphics, videography, music, and programming. Take a look through my projects to see what I’ve been up to.

What are your interests? I’d love to connect and see where we cross paths.



Snail Mail:
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